This year, America has the amazing priviledge of electing our next President of the United States. No matter what your politics are, this is a huge responsibility that we take seriously. For us, we feel the best way to make our voice heard is through another iconic American ritual, the Indianapolis 500, this year in its 100th running.

Hillary Clinton stands for everything that is wrong with our country today, and if you agree with us, we urge you to join us to drive out the vote against her! We're collecting pledges, speaking to any media that reach out to us, and working tirelessly to make your voice heard. No contributions are charged until we reach our goal, and a portion of the winnings will be going to support our veterans too. That's a win-win, unless you're Hillary.


“The fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d they go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”
                                                                                                                                "Hillary on Benghazi"

Contributions from foreign nationals or entities are prohibited.  Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

The government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

"Ronald Reagan."

No Hillary in 2016